Entrust-Donates $1,000 & changes the game

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Well when I reached out to my highly successful business friends and family this morning I was blown away by how generous they have been. Scott Armstrong from Entrust is one of these. Not only is he the President of a very successful and highly respected accounting firm, he’s just one of those great guys who takes care of others at the same time. Sounds like the kind of person to trust with your hard earned dollars if you ask me.

Entrust just donated $1,000 to the fundraiser and blew us past the $3,000 mark!

About Entrust

Providing quality accounting, tax and advisory services to privately held companies in the lower mainland since 1991.

At Entrust we offer accounting, tax and business consulting services to private businesses, with the kind of personalized attention that is usually reserved for only the biggest clients. We get to know your business and personal financial goals, so that our advice is always tailored to your needs. And if you need a knowledgeable sounding board for your ideas, we’ll give you the useful feedback that can only come from someone who knows where you are and where you’re going. Having Entrust on your side is like adding an experienced business advisor to your team.

We’re here to help you build wealth. At Entrust, we believe that innovative thinking, together with a deep understanding of both the rules and our clients’ goals, makes the difference between helping clients build wealth and simply preparing their financial statements.


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